Frequently Asked Questions

It is an educational exhibit that provides aspiring students a forum for dialogue with top universities and institutions
of higher learning.

Students who are willing to Study in a College/ University and their Parents/Guardians can attend this fair.

  • One-on-one personalized counselling¬†
  • On the spot admissions
  • Scholarship options

Yes, qualifying students may enroll right away.

We give you a venue to interact with Colleges and Universities who can help you with your career. You can receive the scholarships from these institutions in accordance with the established eligibility criteria.

Choosing a career might be complex due to the increase in professional and technology-related career prospects. The career carnival will connect you with institutions that provide a variety of courses and are prepared to provide you with assistance and career counselling with experts.

Registration for the Carnival is required in advance.

Yes, the registration counter will remain open.

The registration is free of cost.

Once you reach the venue you will 

  1. Register and get a entry card
  2. You can get your profile evaluated by our Experts
  3. There will be booths of all the participating universities you can visit them personally and have direct interactions with them
  4. There will be multiple sessions going on during the Event, you can attend them as per your interest